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Provided data: MST2_EU_AU_P0965D is valid.
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1. Firmware details:
Generation and tier: MIB2 Standard
Region: Europe
Brand: Audi
Version: no distinction
Firmware version: P0965D
Firmware type: Production Version
Hardware vendor: Delphi

2. Latest available firmware updates:
Latest official firmware: MST2_EU_AU_P0965D (MU: 0965, details).
Latest possible firmware: MST2_EU_AU_P0965D (MU: 0965, details).
 Download firmware updates from here.
 Bose sound package might require parameterziation after update.
 Firmware update tutorial on YouTube here.
 Fix "B201A - Checking SVM" fault after update here.

3. GPS navigation maps updates (found 0 packages):

4. RadioStationDataBase updates (found 0 RSDB updates):

5. Personal POI and SpeedCams updates (found 10 PPOI updates):
 2022-12 Worldwide (12.4 MB ↓)
 2022-12 Australia (0.6 MB ↓)
 2022-12 Europe (13.1 MB ↓)
 2022-12 North America (3.7 MB ↓)
 2022-12 Russia (8.8 MB ↓)
 2022-12 Worldwide with speed limits (12.4 MB ↓)
 2022-12 Australia with speed limits (0.6 MB ↓)
 2022-12 Europe with speed limits (13.0 MB ↓)
 2022-12 North America with speed limits (3.7 MB ↓)
 2022-12 Russia with speed limits (8.9 MB ↓)
 Source: mibspeedcam telegram group.
 Contribute to speed camera database here.
 PPOI installation tutorial on YouTube here.

6. Activators (found 1 activators):
 Delphi D-Link Solution (public, moderate difficulty, details)
 All activators here.

7. Video-In-Motion unlocks (found 0 methods):
Method unknown or not supporting video playback.

8. Toolboxes (found 0 3rd party extensions):
No toolboxes nor 3rd party extensions found.

9. MIB-related software (found 6 tools and apps):
 7Zip - file archiver and unarchiver (1.5 MB ↓)
 FAT32format GUI - format large drives up to 32GB in FAT32 (0.1 MB ↓)
 PuTTY - SSH and telnet client (3.7 MB ↓)
 Free Download Manager - download speed accelerator (34.0 MB ↓)
 H2testw - check SD card write and read (0.3 MB ↓)
 HandBrake - converting video from nearly any format (21.9 MB ↓)

10. MIB-related hardware (found  tools and accessories):
 Infotainment removal keys
 Interior trim removal tools
 OBDeleven for VAG
 AX88772 USB to LAN adapter

11. MIB-related retrofits (found 1 kits and parts):
 CarlinKit4.0 wireless CarPlay/AndroidAuto adapter

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