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Loaded MIB-Helper v0.7.2 public beta
This version is available in English language only.

Please provide SW Train above.

This version can:
→ decode SW Train details,
→ find latest available firmware,
→ find latest navigation maps,
→ find latest RadioStation DB updates,
→ find latest Personal POI packages,
→ find activation methods,
→ find VIM unlock methods,
→ find MIB related software tools,
→ find MIB related hardware tools,
→ find MIB related retrofit kits.

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Huge thanks to MIB community members for sharing their knownledge.
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Warning: Anything you do with your MIB, you do at your own risk.
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We are not hosting firmwares, updates, maps, toolboxes, etc.

MIB-Helper v0.7.2 public beta finished. Bye!